What are you doing between April 20 and April 23rd ??? You don’t know ??
Well if you are the least bit interested in computers, there is only one place to be… The Minasi Forum meet 2008
It is your chance to hear about new technology, directly from the leading people of the industry, it is hosted by none other than Mark Minasi himself (If you have ever read a good computer book, you would have guessed that allready)

This year some of the keynote speakers are Mark Minasi, Jeremy Moskowitz, Don Jones, Rhonda Layfield, Eric B. Rux, Greg Shields and Nathan Winters, that means you will be able to learn everything from Windows 2008 to Exchange to PowerShell…

I bet right now you are thinking, this must be very expensive…….. WRONG

It only costs 450$ and with the current exchange rate, that is only 2277Kr… The event takes place in Virgina Beach, VA USA, the only other costs are hotel, getting your self there, beer money and a little bit extra for food.

Here is the current schedule (which is subject to change)

  • Sunday, April 20, 2008

    1:00 pm: Mark Minasi Keynote
    2:15 pm: Break
    2:30 pm: TBA Industry Keynote
    3:45 pm: Break
    4:00 pm: Eric B. Rux Fun with Windows Home Server; trust me, you’ll want one…don’t let the word “Home” fool you
    5:00 pm: ‘No Host’ dinner at local restaurant (share your war stories and learn from the experts!)

  • Monday, April 21, 2008

    9:00 am: James Summerlin Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services
    10:15 am: Break
    10:30 am: Greg Shields Documentation & Change Control: Hating it to Loving it in 75 minutes
    11:45 am: Lunch
    1:00 pm: Mark Minasi Windows Server 2008
    2:15 pm: Break
    2:30 pm: Jeremy Moskowitz Group Policy 2.0: It’s freekin’ sweet! (with Vista & Windows Server 2008)
    3:45 pm: Break
    4:00 pm: Nathan Winters Exchange 2007 from the command line – what makes a good Exchange 2007 deployment
    5:00 pm: Hosted Dinner at Pungo Grill. Mmmmmm! (we ate there last year, it was very good)

  • Tuesday, April 22, 2008
  • 9:00 am: Greg Shields Tips & Tricks for Preventing an Active Directory Failure
    10:15 am: Break
    10:30 am: Don Jones Dr. PowerShell: How I Learned to Stop Clicking and Love the Command-Line
    11:45 am: Lunch
    1:00 pm: Rhonda Layfield TBA
    2:15 pm: Break
    2:30 pm: Curt Spanburgh Journey to Planet Sharepoint
    3:45 pm: Break
    4:00 pm: Nathan Winters OCS 2007 – An Introduction to the new VOIP world of Office Communication Server 2007
    5:00 pm: ‘No Host’ dinner at local restaurant (one last chance to rub elbows with people in the know)

  • Wednesday, April 23, 2008
  • 9:00 am: Don Jones Windows PowerShell: The Future of Server Administration
    10:15 am: Break
    10:30 am: Mark Minasi Windows Vista
    11:45 am: Lunch
    1:00 pm: All Attendees Roundtable discussion for as long as you want!
    End of Forum Meeting. See you again next year!

    More info is available at www.minasi.com/forummeet2008

    I aftes var vi ude at spise på et sted, som hed Pungo Ranch bar. Jeg var glad for at jeg havde GPS i bilen, for det lignede mere eller mindre en forladt hytte. Det lignede lidt et sted taget ud fra Deliverance, men da vi først kom derind var det ganske hyggeligt.

    Der kom vin og øl på bordet så det var rigtigt hyggeligt, så kom maden, jeg fik en stor steak, og det var den bedste steak jeg nogensinde har fået, jeg har aldrig får så mørt kød før…. Uhhhhhmmmmmm!!!!!