Readable Password generator

Because of a report from our auditors, I was tasked with writing a password generator
for our helpdesk staff, so instead of using a generic variation of the same password,
they needed something more “secure”.

One of the issues is that this password is often read to the user over the phone, so just generating
a random string of characters, would make it very hard to convey over the phone.

So what I did was take a list of common words and generate a password based on the words from a wordlist.

The package consists of 1 script file, and 6 wordlist files (I have taken 100 words with 2,3,4,5,6,7 characters, more words can easily be added to the files)
(This package have wordlists, the one I have for work, I am using Danish words)

Download full package here: PWDGenerator