Fix 2008R2 scheduled tasks

Function Change-ScheduledTask {
$ShortDate = [regex]"(?<shortdate>[0-9]{4}[/.-](?:1[0-2]|0[1-9])[/.-](?:3[01]|[12][0-9]|0[1-9])T(?:2[0-3]|[01][0-9])[:.][0-5][0-9][:.][0-5][0-9])(?<digits>\.\d*)"

foreach ($line in $XMLIn){
If ($line -match "$ShortDate") {
$line = [regex]::Replace($line, $ShortDate, $($Matches["Shortdate"]))
#$Script:outfile += $line + "`n"

Function Remove-ScheduledTask {


Function New-ScheduledTask {


$schtask = Schtasks.exe /query /s "localhost" /V /FO CSV | ConvertFrom-Csv

if ($schtask) {

Foreach ($sch in $schtask) {

if ($Sch."Run As User" -like "$($domainname)*") {

$outfile = ""
Change-scheduledtask $(Get-Content c:\temp\TestTask.xml)

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