Finding that Hyper-V machine

Yesterday I was doing some maintenance on a machine at work, and when I looked in device manager, i saw that it was a Hyper-V guest machine, and I asked a few colleagues about it, because I was pretty sure that we didn’t have any machines running Hyper-V.. So I needed to find out which machine, so I wrote a quick and dirty PowerShell script to find it.

First off I knew that it had to be a Windows 2008 machine, that boiled down the possible machines quite a lot.

Here is what I did
Get-QADComputer | Where {$_.OSname -match "2008"} | % { Get-Service -ComputerName $_.Name} | where {$_.Displayname -match "hyper"} | select Machinename, Displayname

I get all computers that are Windows server 2008, and for each server 2008, I look for services containing the word “hyper”.
This is not a very efficient search, but a quick and dirty way to find the info that I needed.


Kirk Munro pointed out to me that Hyper-V actually registers a SCP (Service Connection Point) in AD, so instead of querying all the machines, you can just query the list of SCP’s in AD instead, which is much more efficient.

Get-QADObject -Name ‘Microsoft Hyper-V’ -Type serviceConnectionPoint | Get-QADComputer -Identity {$_.ParentContainerDN}